2016 Annual Charity Tournament

We would like to thank you all on behalf of Boston Tennis Friends for participating in our charity tournament on August 13th and supporting a noble cause. I hope everyone had fun playing tennis for a great cause and enjoyed weather, food and training. We had fun hosting it. Like last year, we had great participation and was very successful.

Thank you for your participation and our sponsors – Apps Associates and MLTC, we were able to donate $2357 to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Here is the list of winners for this year:

Betsy Lawson and Michelle Dawson (winners)
Meg Staknis and Danielle Herr (runners up)


Lisa Cassidy and Parker Cassidy (Winners)
Shannon Jin and Dayong Jin(Runners up)


Saudip Manna and Matthew Vlach (Winners)
Dave Lin and Dave Solimini (Runners up)


On behalf of Boston Tennis Friends, we want to thank you again for the participation and support. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Best Regards,